Hard Times, Happy Days. Memories of Life in Lincolnshire 1940 – 1990


A collection of remembered life stories from across Lincolnshire, including Skegness, Lincoln, Brigg, Grantham and many more.



Life in Lincolnshire has changed dramatically since the 1940s, and memories of how different things were are fading fast. Adrian Gray’s book uses his archive of interviews, social media discussion groups, and a lively mix of print sources to create a fascinating account of the ‘old ways’ – from Grimsby to Stamford and Scunthorpe to Boston – that are disappearing before our eyes.

What were the ‘fuzzballs’ that people ate? How did they do their ironing? What was it like going to work in the fields or factories when barely in your teens? This book investigates some of the dark corners of domestic and working life but has plenty of room for fun – the arrival of rock and roll, the back seats of the cinema, and even the rise and fall of the ‘X’ film. Each chapter follows important themes of life, including, shopping and the arrival of the supermarkets, how houses have changed and what people did on their holidays… which was often not a lot!

A great book for sharing with family members who enjoy reminiscing or who need help with memory recall.

ADRIAN GRAY was born in Grantham and has lived in Skegness, Dunholme, and Ruskington. He holds a history degree from Cambridge University and has written around thirty books, many on Lincolnshire where he is a regular speaker at history societies.





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