People and Places of West Lindsey, Lincolnshire


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People and Places of West Lindsey, Lincolnshire
The district of West Lindsey stretches from the River Trent and Gainsborough in the west, to the Lincolnshire Wolds in the east, reaching as far as Caistor and Brocklesby. It is one of the least densely populated English districts yet contains around a hundred settlements – some tiny, often ancient, and always interesting.
West Lindsey is a district of open skies, slow-moving rivers, huge fields, and pockets of woodland where pheasants, deer and foxes hide away. It is crossed by the limestone ridge of the Lincoln Edge, with its spring-line villages of honey-colour limestone, and by the more assertive hills and dales of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Hidden amongst this are thousand-year-old churches, the stately homes of the old, county gentry, deserted medieval village sites, old airfields fading away, and many a curious monument or building.
By taking each settlement in turn, this book sets out to find something of interest and someone significant about every place in the district. Over the course of its pages, we meet women explorers, great artists, a doomed soldier or two, literary giants and members of the gentry who achieved notoriety as torturers, corrupt politicians or adulterers. Significant scientists and reformers rub shoulders with disgraced clergymen, wartime heroes and famous writers. Everyone who lives in West Lindsey needs a book about it, and this one provides ideal reading to take in the car or browse at home.
ADRIAN GRAY grew up in West Lindsey and graduated in History from Cambridge University. He is the author of many books as well as leading Pilgrims & Prophets Christian Heritage Tours, which help people from near and far get to know the history of the area.
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