People & Places of Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire



People & Places of Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire

Adrian Gray

BASSETLAW is a name that has defied the centuries, an ancient Danish region that survived to become a constituency and a district council.  It is in Nottinghamshire yet somehow closer to Yorkshire in spirit. It is a region of historic market towns, imposing country houses, charming villages and medieval woodland. Despite being marked out by coal mining, power stations and major transport routes, it contains some of the least known rural landscapes of England and much of Sherwood Forest.

Well-known local historian, Adrian Gray, explores the places and people that have shaped the history of Bassetlaw. This book looks at each village and town in turn, digging up something fascinating about the houses, churches and fields in every parish. There are lost villages, abandoned country homes and mad industrial projects aplenty. We learn about the indomitable people of Bassetlaw including love-struck aristocrats, corrupt clergymen, the odd highwayman, one of the first women mountaineers and a fair number of heroic old warriors.

Everyone who lives in Bassetlaw needs a book about it; this one provides endless fascination. Everyone who doesn’t live in Bassetlaw also needs a copy, so they know what they are missing.

ADRIAN GRAY graduated in history from Cambridge. He is the author of twenty-five history books including several on Nottinghamshire and is a director of Pilgrims & Prophets Christian Heritage Tours, which helps people get to know the secrets and treasures of Bassetlaw.